The inne system.

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What is inne ?

inne is both an outer and an inner resource. It exists to teach you, and to reconnect you with a powerful voice: every day, your body is talking to you.

Reproductive health is a crucial aspect of mental and physical health for many women and men. The impetus to develop inne came from a frustrating realization: who hasn’t thanked their IUD, their pill, their condom, their lucky stars? But also, who hasn’t cursed them?

The vision of an effective contraceptive method without side-effects turned into biochemical research, which led to the development of this reliable, non-invasive solution that also fosters our connection with ourselves- and each other.

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Come closer, look at how easy it is to set up the inne mini lab!

How to make it wet.

Taking the saliva test every day as part of your routine.

Inserting The Strip.

Pop the strip in the reader right after activating it.

Checking your fluids.

Pop the strip in the reader right after activating it.

Accessing Radical Self-Knowledge.

inne has been developed to be your companion on a journey to radical self knowledge, to help you make informed choices for your health and life.

Answers to your questions.

There is plenty to ask about, when entering this journey. We have collected a few of the most relevant questions and tried to address them in the clearest way possible. If you still need more information, visit our help center or connect with us via chat. We will be happy to share with all we know.