inne is a hormone-based mini lab for women.
The first of its kind, inne is a tool of radical self-knowledge.

It exists to protect us from invasive contraceptive methods and as a resource to reconnect with ourselves.

We are all radical
in our own ways.

We do not always know enough about ourselves.

inne exists for you to draw your own, dynamic hormonal portrait. This means that like you, it is a mutable, multi-faceted, dynamic entity that goes through highs and lows, ebbs and flows.

Build your own hormonal data bank, use it for fertility, for reproductive health, to avoid getting pregnant, for fun, to share with your partner. Compare it with your friends, or don’t. In any case, inne is the largest-scale observation of progesterone patterns, ever.

“If we do not know ourselves, how can we serve ourselves?”

Dear Hormones.

A woman’s life is made of cycles and transitions. Hormones are the building blocks of these life events. We are talking puberty, ovulation, periods, pregnancies, miscarriages, menopause, and widespread but misunderstood conditions such as endometriosis.

As such, can you believe there has never been a consistent, long-term capturing of daily progesterone levels in healthy women?

If we do not know ourselves, how can we love ourselves?

Reconnect with your body.

Use our strip to collect your daily saliva sample. It takes about 30 seconds. Plug the strip into the reader. Check and track today’s cervical fluid. inne picks up from there.

Meditate? Fidget? Mate? Masturbate? Marinate? Faff about? Marvel? Mastermind? Call your Mother?

inne is done and updated within 10 minutes.